Open Letter to DOJ: ATF, Stop illegal Persecution of Matt Hoover and Kristopher Ervin!

In recent times, we have witnessed instances where the scales of justice seem imbalanced, leading to a loss of faith in our legal system. It is disheartening to see cases where individuals are denied their fundamental rights, subjected to unfair treatment, or face undue persecution. Such occurrences erode public trust and undermine the very foundation of a just society.

Every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves equal protection under the law. It is imperative that those entrusted with upholding justice carry out their duties with integrity, transparency, and accountability. But this does not always happen.

Most Second Amendment supporters are aware of the injustice done to Matt Hoover and Kristopher Ervin. The ATF has over-extended its reach to criminalize otherwise law-abiding citizens. Aside from splitting hairs about Hoover's exercise of free speech to market products, there is an unspoken common consensus that big government is way out of bounds on this one.


We are tired of witnessing the persecution of patriots and understand that if we do not take a stand then there will be none of us left standing. We decided to speak out in defense of our fellow countrymen in an open letter addressed to the ATF's boss: U.S. Attorney General, Merrick B. Garland.

The weaponization of the federal government to intimidate citizens from exercising their rights is downright unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Politicists are not afraid to lay down the law and demand change. Read our Open Letter to U.S. Attorney General in defense of Matt Hoover and Kristopher Ervin.



Politicists are peace-loving Americans that believe in promoting the common good by encouraging governmental transparency and oversight to strengthen the nation. We accomplish our objectives through informational resources provided for educational purposes, which do not constitute legal advice or create a relationship of any kind. Instead, they are there to assist “We the People” unify and mobilize to uphold the Constitution.

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