Why audit?

At some point it becomes necessary to question the actions of government actors...

The Constitution and Laws of the United States are already in place. But someone has to make sure they are being followed. It would be great to leave the government in charge of providing self-oversight, providing accountability to itself. But government, by Law, is to be accountable to the People. Otherwise things quickly go awry.

When gas prices become exorbitant...
...It's time to #AuditTheGovernment
When government is forcing health mandates...
...It's time to #AuditTheGovernment
When unarmed people are gunned down...
...It's time to #AuditTheGovernment
When free speech is being hindered...
...It's time to #AuditTheGovernment
When war is always looming...
...It's time to #AuditTheGovernment

Benefits of Auditing

Benefits of auditing government

The average American could use additional disposable income, but it seems the U.S. dollar is steadily decreasing in value almost daily.

Economics is a science, which means that nothing happens within the economy by accident. With science, there is a cause and an effect.

Inflation occurs when there is mismanagement of the economic powers granted Congress under the Constitution. 

Auditing the government could help DECREASE INFLATION.

Numerous Americans have been forced to choose between their job and a jab, meaning a vaccination.

While informed consent is a right to choose healthcare treatment or remedies, uninformed coercion is something entirely different. And it is unconstitutional.

No one should be penalized–especially with loss of livelihood– for demanding the right to be informed about a potentially irreversible and adverse medical decision.

Auditing the government could help REGAIN LIVELIHOOD.

The Right to free speech, as protected by the federal and state constitutions, is an inviolable civil liberty.

While each individual may be responsible for any actual damage or harm that occurs from their exercising free speech, that would be between them and their accuser (whomever is alleging injury from someone’s words).

We certainly do not advocate being unkind or harming others, but the government has no lawful grounds for interfering with the Right of the People to exercise free speech.

Auditing the government could help EXERCISE LIBERTY.

The U.S. Congress is very limited as to the instances when war may be declared, and this is for good reason: senseless and on-going wars cause innocent and avoidable bloodshed.

Scrutinizing the legal grounds upon which war and other related efforts occur will discourage abuse of wartime powers. 

Auditing the government could ESTABLISH PEACE.

Bad things happen when no one is watching

Bad things happen

Devious deeds are done in the dark–when no one is paying attention. How many times do you think the government has broken the Law when no one was looking?