Auditing vs. Protesting


There is a HUGE, GINORMOUS difference between auditing and protesting.

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Protesting does not work because:

Citizens beg (protest) government to regulate itself

If you ask someone who is being dishonest whether or not they are being dishonest, what will they say?

Will a dishonest person tell you they are being dishonest?

Can you take a dishonest person at their word?

Government can tell a begging citizen (protester) "No"

Government does not have to listen to protesters. What a protester is essentially doing is “begging” the government to restrict and constrain itself. This can be likened to begging someone who is dishonest to be honest–which they can just refuse to do. They can also say they will do a thing, but not actually do it. (That is what dishonest people do, right?)