A minute until midnight

...the night cometh, when no man can work .

(John 9:4)

Only one minute before midnight...


Get behind a cause that is WORTH supporting!

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Isaiah 32.8 and 33.22 Kennedy and Franklin

This is our Last chance to Save America

We need volunteers to help the people make this thing work. If you love your country (and any notion of freedom) NOW is the time to act!

Be brave-- Matthew 24.4

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Who We Are

Politicists, not "politicians".

In 1774, by way of the First Continental Congress, the Articles of Association were formed by delegated politicists, in recognition (by the people) of the necessity to rightly analyze their system and form of government. Today, we Politicists™ will revive the government already established.

Where We Stand

League of our own.

We stand above the modern political spectrum, which is rife with vanity, false hope, and empty promises. The federal government and its citizens, resident throughout the country, may live in a Democracy. But this is a Republic.

What We Believe

The rule of Law.

Proper enforcement of the Constitution and organic laws of the United States of America is the Right and responsibility of the people; and it is the duty of government, as public servants, to administer that Will.

We live in a Republic with fixed constitutional limits; not in a Democracy of fluidity.